Executive Team

Ted Lynch, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

As Southland's CEO, Dr. Lynch is responsible for effectively and efficiently leading the company's divisions using the strategic visions he has worked to put in place with Southland's Board of Directors, while also developing Southland's growth strategies.

Chuck Allen

Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence

As Executive Vice President of Operational Excellence, Mr. Allen leads Southland’s lean and process improvement initiatives with a focus on continuous improvement. Overseeing the company’s dedicated commitment to creating a lean culture, he facilitates best practice sharing, planning, and implementation efforts that ultimately lead to increased efficiencies, effectiveness, and profitability.

Joseph G. Cvetas

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Planning

As Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and Planning, Mr. Cvetas helps set overall growth strategies and goals for Southland. Leading the company’s mergers and acquisitions approach, he is responsible for identifying opportunities for entry into new markets and products, the formation of strategic partnerships, and the acquisition of other companies.

Mike McLaughlin, PE

Executive Vice President, Southland Engineering

As the Executive Vice President of Southland Engineering, Mr. McLaughlin oversees the development of Southland Engineering, a division of Southland, and provides thought leadership for the integration of multi-discipline engineering solutions on regional and national projects. With extensive experience in the engineering and construction industry, he is able to help Southland Engineering strategically bring engineering services to market and meet its business goals.

Lisa Starr

Chief Human Resources Officer

As Southland’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Ms. Starr oversees the overall strategy, design, and implementation of Southland’s human resources plans, processes, and practices. She has extensive knowledge in business and human resources management, including developing competitive total rewards structures, talent management solutions, and executive coaching to support leaders and employees through change.

Tony Wang

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Wang oversees Southland’s finance, safety, and legal departments. He joined the company as a financial analyst in 1997 and has since followed in the footsteps of our CEO, growing with us from an entry-level position into a corporate finance officer and member of the executive leadership team. 

During his 20-plus years at Southland, Mr. Wang has assumed integral leadership roles in ERP implementation, acquisitions, joint ventures, benefits administration, and development of regional controllers, as well as various process improvement initiatives.