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LCI: UHS Our Community Practice

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Hilton Chicago
Salon A2  |  Chicago, Illinois

Southland Industries’ Nick Krey will join a panel at the Lean Construction Institute to discuss ‘UHS Our Community of Practice.’


Integrated Project Delivery Can Work Well But Is Still No Utopia

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Article | ENR (June 2015)
"The risk, as far as losing money, is minimal," says Edwin Najarian, a structural engineer principal with TTG Corp. TTG's profit on IPD jobs has been "the same or a little less" than usual, he adds.

IPD proponents say the best projects combine IPD with the Lean Construction Institute's framework for minimizing waste and rework. Integrated Lean Project Delivery "is not easy, but the benefits are there if you approach ILPD the right way," says John Bennett, senior director, design and construction, of Universal Health Services Inc., an early adopter of ILPD for UHS's acute care and behavioral health hospitals.