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Phoenix, AZ
Location TBD

Kent Grove, Vice President of Mission Critical for TCM Corp. (a Southland Industries company), will serve as a moderator at DICE Southwest, a premium data center investment conference and expo being held this April in Phoenix.


New Workloads, Cost Pressures Drive Up Data Center Power Densities

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Article | Data Center Knowledge
As power densities in data halls continue to increase, so too does the demand for (and complexity of) the systems required to cool them, explains Mike Kilkeary, associate principal engineer at Southland Engineering. 


Facebook building $2.5B Atlanta-area data center

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Article | Construction Dive
Water plays a critical role in data center cooling solutions, especially when energy efficiency is a priority, according to Southland Engineering’s Mike Kilkeary.


Design with IAQ in Mind

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Article | ACHR News  (December 2016)

Poor IAQ is a major concern for both American citizens and the U.S. economy, because it can impact the health comfort, and productivity of building occupants. Inadequate ventilations, chemical contamination, microbial contamination, and other common IAQ problems can contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment.


Why Data Center Construction is ‘Where the Action is’

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Article | Construction Dive
As our world grows smaller with the addition of more increasingly connected devices, the need for infrastructure supporting those devices’ data is only going to become greater.


Southland Industries Awarded Sabey Data Centers’ Intergate.Ashburn Campus

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Dulles, VA
Southland Industries, one of the nation's largest MEP building systems experts providing engineering, construction, service and energy service solutions, was recently awarded Sabey Data Centers’ newest campus, Intergate.Ashburn. In addition to Southland, the design-build team consists of Sabey Construction, Dynalectric, and CallisonRTKL.

Press Release

Green Data Centers: Design to Operation

Tags: Energy Efficiency, Data Center, Mission Critical

Article | Mission Critical  (August 2016)
The velocity of data growth in combination with today’s cloud-centric environment is driving the development of new data centers seemingly every day.


Advantages of Design-Build In A Data Center

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Article | Mission Critical Magazine (January 2016)
The design and construction of data centers is a unique market segment for most design consultants and mechanical construction firms. Selecting a system which offers a combination of best in-class energy performance, competitive first cost, scalability for expansions, reliability, and flexibility for future technological changes is emblematic to the industry. The design-build delivery system offers significant advantages to maximize the balance of these characteristics. 


The Why, What, And How of Data Center Humidification

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Article | ES Magazine (February 2016)
As technology use becomes increasingly integral to our daily lives, we need the growth of information technology (IT) infrastructure to keep pace with demand. Operating and maintaining sensitive IT equipment efficiently underlines the need for accurate and reliable control of space temperature and humidity. 


CFD and Mission Critical Facilities

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Article | CFD (October 2015)

In today’s 21st century business environment, the need for efficient data centers is increasing at unprecedented rates as the demand for computing, processing power, and data storage grows exponentially. The energy consumption in a data center can be significantly more than a typical office space, and a considerable portion of the energy cost (30% to 50%) is dedicated to the data center’s cooling system. More than ever, IT equipment is getting smaller in size yet more powerful, and the need for a proper and efficient cooling system design plays an important role in saving energy.