Southland Industries Names New Company President and Future CEO

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - 22:15

Irvine, CA 

Southland Industries announced Wednesday that it has named Ted Lynch, an 18-year veteran of the firm, to serve as the new President of the Design – Build – Maintain mechanical engineering company, effective immediately. Within the next two years, Lynch will take over the reins as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Southland.
Lynch assumes the role of president from current President and CEO Andy Fimiano, who has been Southland’s President and CEO since 2001. Fimiano said the interim two-year period is by design, to provide for a seamless leadership transition that allows him and Lynch to work closely together to move the company forward.
“This is a true milestone event for Southland, with Ted’s selection as the future CEO marking only the fourth change in leadership in the company’s 61-year history,” said Fimiano. “Ted has practically grown up with Southland, and he is, without a doubt, the right man for this job.”
Lynch began as an intern with Southland in 1993 while completing his Ph.D. requirements in Architectural Engineering at Penn State. He has served in numerous positions within the firm over the years, serving most recently as Regional President of the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic Divisions. During his tenure, Lynch led a struggling Mid-Atlantic Division into the success it is today.
For Southland, a new CEO not only means a new person at the helm, but also a new perspective and a continued bright future for the company. The leadership succession process began five years ago in order to facilitate a gradual change that did not compromise the company’s financial and operational integrity.
“In a closely held private company like ours, the biggest obstacle to succession is maintaining appropriate ownership equity,” said Fimiano. “That’s why we started this process several years ago. By providing for a gradual transition of ownership issues over the past five years, we have been able to provide for the long-term stability of the company, allowing us to shift our focus to finding the right person to serve as my successor.”
With the construction industry facing significant challenges as the result of today’s tough economic conditions, Fimiano and Lynch expect to continue to emphasize the things that have contributed to the company’s overall success.
“For my part, as I assume this new leadership role, I expect there will be more that stays the same than changes at Southland,” Lynch said. “Our core purpose and our core values will remain the same and we will continue to operate the company with the goal of becoming 100 percent Design-Build-Maintain.”
Lynch said one major change the company will embrace is a more focused approach to business development.
“We recognize the challenges ahead and are taking steps to improve sales and business development capabilities,” he said. “One step of this process is to fully dedicate a top Southland executive who will be responsible for identifying and developing business opportunities at a national level and to ensure that Southland has the staff and capabilities to grow.”
“Southland has always been an exciting place to work and right now, we are poised to take on new opportunities and challenges in the months ahead. I welcome the chance to lead this great company and am eager to take on this new role,” Lynch said.

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