Union Village: Applying BIM/3-D Integrated Workflow

Article | Healthcare Design Magazine  (August 2016)
One challenge the UHS Henderson Hospital team encountered at the outset of the project, an in-progress building that’s part of the Union Village health village in Henderson, Nevada, was how to allocate optimal time for design in order to meet the customer’s vision, without compromising the scheduled time allotted for the field to complete construction.


Dan Heichelbech Named President of TCM Corp.

Article | Contractor Magazine  (August 2016)
TCM Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Southland Industries and a leading mechanical contractor in the Pacific Northwest, announced the appointment of Dan Heichelbech as the company’s president.


Green Data Centers: Design to Operation

Article | Mission Critical  (August 2016)
The velocity of data growth in combination with today’s cloud-centric environment is driving the development of new data centers seemingly every day.


HVAC’s Role in Net-Zero Buildings

Article | ACHR News 
Heating and cooling systems are key players in net-zero-energy building projects. Net-zero-energy buildings (NZEBs) employ the latest materials, technologies, practices, and controls in order to not only minimize energy use, but also produce as much or more energy than the building consumes.


Energy Code Advancements for Power Systems

Article | Consulting Specifing Engineer (July 2016)
Current code adoption trends indicate more code requirements geared toward power systems in the near future. A key driver of the trend to increase code requirements can be attributed to the pursuit of special energy-sustainability certificated.


Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center Underway

Article | Medical Construction & Design Magazine (July 2016)
Replacement and redesign of the central utility plant is underway at the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new plant will be built remotely for the 451,000-square-foot facility and will include a 1,000-ton chiller plant with pumps and cooling towers.


Union Village: Conditions of Satisfaction

Article | Healthcare Design Magazine (July 2016)
In any project, conditions of satisfaction are critical component of the contract because they provide an unchanging definition of success. When a project lacks this, the contract can mean different things to different people, or even different things to the same person at a different time.

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12 Ways to Improve your Revit Plumbing Template

Article | Plumbing Engineer (June 2016)
This year marks a decade since Autodesk expanded its Revit platform to include MEP disciplines. At the time, Revit was already a viable and user-friendly design tool for architects, but many plumbing engineers quickly realized that the transition to Revit MEP, and ultimately the lead from CAD to BIM, would prove to be a challenge.


Leveraging Facilities to Generate Operational Savings

Article | CFMA (May/June 2016)
Many businesses are often challenged with how to deal with their aging facilities and infrastructure. Simultaneously, reducing overall operating costs often conflicts with a facility’s maintenance needs. As a facility matures and equipment begins to falter, the need for repair or replacement can increase overall maintenance costs.


14 Aspects to Consider in Equipment Selection

Article | CSE Magazine (April 2016)
Mechanical engineering is a science relatively unchanged over the past 50 years. Conversely, equipment selection for a mechanical engineer is as much an art as a science of technology. Today, refinements to manufacturing, increasingly advanced controls, and changing end-user needs determine both the science of technology and the roster of equipment for selection.