Data Center Design-Build Upgrade is Easier with Process Controls

Article | Control Engineering (2015)

A project to replace an out-of-date data center began in 2012; M.C. Dean focused on building the new LEED Gold facility to support a 6 MW data floor, which would eventually to be expanded to 10 MW. The project included 6 control panels (2 PLC and 4 remote I/O), 2 redundant automation stations, 16 remote I/O racks with more than 1,800 hard I/O points, 5 operator workstations, 2 server racks, 10 network cabinets, and 45 network switches for collecting more than 35,000 soft I/O points. 

The largest issue with the current data center was its age. Over the years, network and power cables had become entangled under the data center floor, making it extremely difficult to troubleshoot connection problems. The heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system was being pushed beyond its design limits, and the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system was so old it lacked the backup power needed to keep the facility online during system outages.

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